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12 completely natural pink and red recipes that are still a delight » Simple and Healthy Recipe! ✅

What would Valentine’s Day be without a strong dose of pink and red? Stores take things to the extreme in this department, and while it’s fun to go overboard with Valentine’s Day treats, where there’s color, there’s also toxic food coloring. If you’d rather skip the unnatural food coloring, we’ve got you covered. You can add a little pink or red to your food, of course! – with the help of beets, blood oranges, pomegranates and berries.

There are also many ways to make your own natural food coloring. You can select colorful vegetables (beets, berries, and pomegranates are the easiest way to get those deep pinks and reds) and hand-juice them to get the color you want. You can use a juicer, food processor, or blender and then strain out the peels and seeds to make your own natural food coloring, if that’s your speed. These homemade juices can act as natural food colors in cookies and cakes, without the toxic chemicals.

By far the easiest way to color your food is to add whole fruits and vegetables to a recipe and let them do the hard work. Smoothies are an easy way to achieve Valentine’s Day color correction, but if you’re feeling adventurous, feel free to play around with some of the ideas below and create your own colors and recipes. Often you can simply add a teaspoon at a time until the desired shade is achieved, then adjust the recipe accordingly to account for additional liquid or dry ingredients.

Natural red and pink color ideas.

  • Dried strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries can be finely powdered and used in place of food coloring, plus they give a great fruity flavor. My absolute favorite natural pink powder is beetroot powder because it has no flavor Y gives food a robust touch of pink. Trust me, a little goes a long way, so use it sparingly and wash your hands as soon as you’re done.
  • Buy or make your own beet, pomegranate, or blood orange juice. These three have colors so deep that all you need is a few drops for a beautiful pink color. Or incorporate them into your recipe and let the fruit itself provide the color.
  • Buy 100% natural red food coloring and use it as you would any other food coloring. You can find natural food colors at Whole Foods, health food stores, or online at a place like Amazon.
  • Mix whole fruit jam or fruit puree with yogurt, cream cheese, goat cheese, whipped cream, icing, cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, and other batters to give it a rosy color. Just be sure to adjust the recipe accordingly to account for the extra liquid; otherwise you risk too much liquid coming out.

The sky is seriously the limit! Don’t be afraid to try different food and color ideas to see what works.

If you prefer to follow a recipe, here are 12 of our favorite pink and red recipes to get you into the Valentine’s Day spirit.

1. Hello Glow Grapefruit Immune System Smoothie

Use red and pink grapefruit not only for beautiful Valentine’s Day color, but also to reap the benefits of multiple antioxidants and lycopene.

2. Hello Glow Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Smoothie

If you’re a fan of chocolate and strawberries (and who isn’t?), you might want to try this healthy version for once! The recipe is also great for children.

3. Hello Veggie Avocado + Feta Beet Hummus Wrap

If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day picnic, these veggie wraps will come in handy! The beet hummus gives them a wonderful color, while the ingredients are filling and delicious.

4. Angel Food Cupcakes from The Kitchen

The Kitchn shows us how adding a little beet powder turns snow-white meringue frosting a luscious pale pink hue.

5. Healthy Homemade Pink Mommypotamus Marshmallows

Not only do these Mommypotamus marshmallows use natural red food coloring, they’re also made with healthier ingredients like grass-fed honey and gelatin.

6. Hello Glow Berry Ginger Popsicles

We don’t think popsicles are reserved for summer. These wonderful beauty-enhancing popsicles are made with frozen berries, yogurt, and mint and are perfect for after dinner.

7. Chocolate Beetroot Cake With Beetroot Cream Frosting by Joy The –

Want the red velvet look without the three bottles of #40 red? Joy the Bake has a fabulous recipe for Chocolate Cake with Pink Cream Cheese Frosting.

8. Hello Glow Warming Ayurvedic Rose Velvet Milk

This lively latte is actually a turmeric chai infusion with a healthy dose of beet powder. It’s naturally sweet and packed with Ayurvedic spices!

9. Little Ferraro Kitchen Roasted Beet Hummus

Turn your hummus a pretty shade of pink by adding roasted beets! Little Ferraro Kitchen also lists the health benefits of beets. All the more reason to love its naturally vibrant color!

10. Hello Glow Cardamom + Rose Petal Donuts

These beautiful donuts combine the flavors of cardamom and rose petals. They are healthier than their fried counterparts and are also vegan.

11. Hello Veggie Raspberry Apple Crumble Bars

Berries are the perfect way to add color to Valentine’s Day treats! These apple crumble bars are just what you need for a no-nonsense treat.

12. Hello Glow Rosewater Pudding With Raspberry Purée

This delicious dessert is gluten free, vegan and packed with vitamins and minerals at the same time. The delicate flavor of rosewater and cardamom is great after every meal.

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