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Grilled Halloumi Cheese » Simple and Healthy Recipe! ✅

This Mediterranean-inspired version of grilled cheese focuses on halloumi: a semi-hard cheese from Cyprus that is usually made from sheep’s and goat’s milk. This pickled delight has a high melting point, so it stays intact to give your grilled cheese a little gravitas. The hearty, salty flavors of the cheese are the perfect partner for baby baby spinach, which is cooked before being mixed with lots of fresh dill and lemon.

The Arnold®, Brownberry® or Oroweat® Potato Sandwich adds the perfect amount of sweetness and, when cooked in a dry skillet, provides the grilled crunch that any quality grilled cheese requires. In addition, its size and shape mean that there is more surface for the melted cheese. (And more cheese is always a good thing.)

I like to serve it with a Greek salad packed with cucumbers, tomatoes, and feta for an easy and lively lunch. -Sarah Wharton

This recipe is shared in collaboration with Arnold®, Brownberry®, and Oroweat®. – Publishers

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