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Homemade Ginger Alcoholic Beer » Simple and Healthy Recipe! ✅

Homemade ginger beer can be a wonderful thing. Whether you’re a fan of the Moscow Mule or simply enjoy sipping it in a tall glass with ice, making ginger ale at home could mean the end of your days with store-bought ginger ale. The brewing process is easier than you think: you’ll only need brewer’s yeast and 48+ hours (takes up to a week!). But do not worry; This ginger beer recipe below doesn’t ask for much. Just get started and you’ll be well on your way to the best ginger beer you’ve ever tasted.

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who like their ginger beer sweet, subtle, and unassuming, and people who like ginger beer to kick them in the throat. (I guess there are also people who don’t like ginger beer, but for now I’ll pretend they don’t exist.)

You know the real ginger beer if you’ve tried it. The instant you take a sip, it stamps your tongue with steel-toed boots, gleefully reminding you how spicy raw ginger really is.

My take on ginger ale is like uncensored, unfiltered hardcore drinks, but with a little bonus for the kids: alcohol. While England has been drinking alcoholic ginger ale for hundreds of years, the United States has only just begun to discover this gem. Well, Brits, your secret has been revealed.

In addition to its addictive, spicy flavor and alcoholic bonus, alcoholic ginger beer is also a lot of fun to make. If you dream of being a full-fledged brewmaster but lack the time, equipment, and beard, ginger ale is the perfect place to start. With just a jar, a few pantry staples, and a few clean soda bottles, you can have a decidedly delicious brew in just three weeks. It may take some experimenting to get it right, but the ride is half as much fun. This recipe is more like a set of guidelines: you have to follow your instincts.

Useful tools for this recipe:– Turnco Glass Jars – OXO Measuring Cups and Spoons – Five Two Tea Towels

-Catherine Agnello

Ginger Beer FAQs

Q. Is ginger beer alcoholic?
A. Most ginger beers on the market today are not and are simply carbonated, so brewing your own at home (and making an alcoholic ginger beer) can be an exciting new way to enjoy ginger beer. beverage.

Q. What is the difference between Ginger Beer and Ginger Ale?
A. While ginger ale is just a carbonated beverage, ginger beer has been naturally fermented with yeast and typically has a more pronounced ginger flavor because it was made with real ginger root.

Q: What does ginger beer taste like?
A. Like ginger ale and, well, ginger root. But with a more pronounced note than the latter.

Q: Can ginger beer be drunk plain?
A. Definitely. It tastes great on ice with lime wedges, but you can also add it to mix in cocktails like the Moscow Mule and Dark ‘n’ Stormy. Here’s a “twist” on this latest from senior editor (and ginger beer devotee) Eric Kim. – Publishers

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