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Michelada Zingy With Celery Salt » Simple and Healthy Recipe! ✅

In June, we visited our good friends Begerts in Austin, Texas…the heat was unreal, with every day of our long weekend a sweltering 105 degrees…the hottest summer on record! We spent as much time as we could inside or at the local pool… but while outside, the most refreshing drink by far was the micheladas. Every bar in town served them: a tasty and refreshing mix of spiced tomato and lime juice with a cold, bubbly beer. There are many variations throughout Latin America (and in Austin!), but this recipe is a great start. A nice change from the usual sweet and sugary summer cocktails, you can drink them all night long. And best of all, if alcohol is banned, just swap in a non-alcoholic beer and join the party. —The flying food lover

The recipe that inspired the theme of the Beer Cocktail contest, this Michelada is great if you’re craving something salty and refreshing that won’t put you under the table. It has some of the classic flavors of a Bloody Mary (tomato, citrus, Worcestershire sauce), but because you’re using beer instead of vodka, the overall effect is smoother, more suited to a quiet afternoon than an uplifting brunch. TheFlyingFoodie has you coating the rim of the glass with celery salt, which is also in the drink; It’s a bit different than traditional coarse salt or Tajín, but it’s an old-school twist that we love. -I AM

Refreshing and usable, micheladas are the quintessential summer drink, best enjoyed by the pool, in the park, or under an umbrella and hat on the beach. It all starts with the freshest beer you can find, preferably Mexican-style lagers, think: Corona, Modelo, Pacifico, Tecate, Victoria and the like, but any smooth beer you want to drink will fit. Next, we’ll move on to the velvety tomato juice, or better yet, the Clamato (tomato juice blended with glutamate mix and powdered salted dried clams). To brown the lily, some more flavor-rich components come into play, like umami-rich Worcestershire, vinegar-based hot sauce like Tabasco, and a healthy dose of lime to add a bit of zest that only fresh citrus can do. Celery salt is great for adding a herbaceous note, but feel free to omit it or use the Spicy and Salty Tajín instead. However, whatever you do, don’t skip the rim of salt (or celery salt, or Tajín) on the outside of the glass, plus plenty of ice, that mineral burst of spice that hits your tongue before the first sip. salty is incomparable. – Publishers

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