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Perfect Peach Sangria » Simple and Healthy Recipe! ✅

Refreshing peach sangria it’s everything you’re looking for in a summer drink. Cold, crisp and quite sweet. Three types of spirits, three types of fruit, and lots of ice make this white wine sangria perfect for sitting down and sipping. Easily fits so you can invite your friends to your porch party.

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I love many flavors in the summer. Smoked barbecue, buttered corn on the cob, campfire s’mores, fresh watermelon… Oh, and adult beverages.

Mojito. Margarita pizza. Rickey’s. Julep. Pina Colada. alcoholic popsicles. ice cold beers And yes, when the mood is right, I’ll definitely partake in a strong seltzer when I need something cold, refreshing, and a little numbing. What can I say? I am an adult who loves a seasonal adult beverage.

But you know me – yes I Energy maximize the pleasure of my palate, I want. So a summer fruit cocktail always wins and white sangria with peaches has always been a favorite.

Love sangria is not super sweet. The simple syrup is enough to enhance the sweetness of the stone fruit in the white sangria recipe without being cloying.

For a summer sangria, the peach is the protagonist of the show thanks to the fruit and the grappa. (Yes! Grappa. Ask your grandmother to lend you the bottle that has been in her locker since the early 1980s if you don’t want to buy your own.) But it’s the addition of fresh cherries, plums and other stone fruits that impresses. whimsy that sets this recipe apart from other white sangrias, which sometimes rely on fruit juices for flavor but end up adding sugar and diluting the drink. (If I wanted some water, I’d suck on the hose, thank you very much.)

Now, I have to add a disclaimer, because we’re just responsible adults, so be careful. Peach Sangria is as easy to drink as it is to prepare. And it’s so easy to make. And it’s easy to make a big batch for you “and your friends” too. So remember: everything in moderation and keep that tube handy for when you need a break between glasses.

Is sangria a summer drink?

I bet your sweet summer butt is! Technically, sangria is a drink for all seasons, but the way you dress it can absolutely vary depending on the time of year.

White wine pairs beautifully with summer fruits (berries, stone fruits, and even melons) in a summer sangria, but in the warmer months, “traditional” sangria with red wine and citrus can still be fully enjoyed. (In fact, you can have too much fun…or so I’ve heard.)

By contrast, you don’t have to say goodbye to white wine sangria in the colder months. Apple sangria is a Thanksgiving favorite that we often make with Sauvignon Blanc.

Like mulled wine, red wine sangria still packs a punch during the winter. The proof is in our Blueberry Spiced Holiday Sangria.

If you’re looking for the best summer sangria recipe, then you can’t go wrong with this refreshing white peach sangria. That said, if you prefer to suck Ininstead of sucking downyour peach sangria when it’s hot, Boozy White Sangria Popsicles are summer on a stick!

How to make peach sangria

Peach Sangria is a refreshing summer cocktail perfect for lazy evenings or backyard barbecues. In this white sangria recipe, peaches, cherries, and plums are soaked in chilled white wine, brandy, and a splash of peach schnapps for extra summer flavor. It’s like sunbathing!

  1. Peaches and plums pitted and thinly sliced, then pitted and halved cherries. Put them in the bottom of a jar.
  2. Add the white wine, syrup, brandy and grappa in the jar and stir. Transfer to the refrigerator chill for at least 4 hoursand up to 12.
  3. Pour over ice, add more fruit to the glass and serve chilled.

Chef’s advice!

  • The sangria can be expanded for large events.. For my annual summer party, I quadruple it and use a wine crate; we really like the Boot Box Sauvignon Blanc.
  • A variety of fruit adds visual appeal. Stone fruits work best (like nectarines or white peaches), but berries (like raspberries, just for a touch of tartness) are also delicious.
  • Chill well! Not just to chill, but to allow the flavors to meld and the fruit to flavor the sangria. Refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours.

What is the best wine to use?

This recipe requires Dry white wine – consider sauvignon blanc, green wine, albarino or pinot grigio. Avoid sweet wines, as simple syrup and grappa are already sweet enough.

Pick something you’d like to drink on your own, but don’t need to hit the “top shelf” — aim for a mid-priced bottle in the $12-15 range. The sangria was made for medium wines. When in doubt, ask your wine shop clerk, he will be an expert!

How to keep peach sangria cold?

white sangria have to It’s served cold, but it also needs time to marinate so those nice summer fruit flavors get to the right places. Kill two birds with one stone (fruit) and let it rest in the fridge for at least 4 hoursand until late at night, before serving.

All time pour the cold sangria into glasses filled with even more ice for a cool and refreshing sip. Use cubes, not crushed or nuggets, so it doesn’t get too runny.

When I serve peach sangria for the holidays, I relax 24 hours before. I then wrap the bottom of the pitcher in a kitchen towel and place the entire pitcher in a cooler filled with ice (the towel will prevent a glass pitcher from breaking, or you can use a plastic pitcher).

If you’re going to make this recipe in bulk, consider a beverage dispenser (one with a tap) or even break out your mom’s old punch bowl. (You know it’s in the back of some locker somewhere…)

Did you make this peach sangria? I would like to know how she turned out! Please leave a comment and rating below.

While you’re at it, let’s be friends: follow me on Pinterest and Instagram for the latest and greatest.


Peach Sangria (Summer Sangria)

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White Peach Sangria is a refreshing summer cocktail perfect for lazy evenings or backyard barbecues. In this white sangria recipe, peaches, cherries, and plums are soaked in chilled white wine, brandy, and a splash of peach schnapps for extra summer flavor. It’s like sunbathing!

Total time: 4 hours 10 min

  • 4 peaches, pitted and sliced
  • 1 plum, pitted and sliced
  • 1 cup pitted cherries
  • 1 bottle of dry white wine, vinho verde, sauvignon blanc, etc.
  • ½ cup of brandy, we prefer Hennessy
  • ⅓ cup of natural syrup or ¼ cup of agave
  • ⅓ cup peach schnapps
  • Thinly slice peaches and plums; She pitted the cherries and then cut them in half. Put all the fruit in the bottom of a large pitcher.

  • Add the white wine, simple syrup, brandy, and peach schnapps to a large pitcher and mix. Transfer to refrigerator and marinate until chilled, at least 4 hours and up to 12.

  • Fill a wine glass with ice, then pour the sangria into the glass. Pour more fruit into the glass and serve immediately.

Serving Size: 1 cup, Calories: 249 kcal (12%), Carbohydrates: 25g (8%), Protein: 1g (2%), Fat: 0g, Saturated Fat: 0g, Polyunsaturated Fat: 0g, Monounsaturated Fat: 0 g, Trans Fat: 0 g, Cholesterol: 0 mg, Sodium: 1 mg, Potassium: 205 mg (6%), Fiber: 2 g (8%), Sugar: 23 g (26%), Vitamin A: 4 % (4%), Vitamin C: 13% (13%), Calcium: 1% (1%), Iron: 1% (1%)

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