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shredded chicken recipes » Simple and Healthy Recipe! ✅

Here are simple keto meal prep ideas that will help you maintain your low carb lifestyle even on peak days! These recipes use shredded chicken and sliced, diced and roasted chicken for quick keto meals.

How to make a keto meal plan?

Everyone has their own preferences, but the most important thing is to find the most sustainable plan for you. Some people like the simplicity of eating the same rotating meals every week, while others prefer more variety. If you’re also cooking for others, it’s much easier if you can simply find keto recipes for the whole family rather than trying to cook both keto and non-ket. Cooking two meals not only takes a lot of extra time, it’s also expensive AND it means you have your favorite carb-rich foods close by, which is tempting.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-follow keto meal plan, check out my Easy Ketogenic Meal Plans page. Each week I make 5 keto dinners and an additional low carb recipe (usually a breakfast or dessert to help meal prep). I include a printable shopping list, meal prep tips, net carb counts, and serving amounts for each recipe. I do my best to pick family favorites, which means you don’t have to cook a meal for yourself and a meal for the people who don’t have ketones in the house…you can just enjoy a delicious low-calorie dinner together! in carbohydrates!

How to prepare keto meals for the week?

While the ketogenic diet tends to be only 20-35% protein, preparing protein ahead of time can often save you a lot of time during the week. You can also use the same protein to make a variety of breakfasts and lunches so you don’t have to resort to eggs and sandwiches every day.

Once the proteins are cooked, simply combine them with a good dose of fats and vegetables. In this house we are dairy lovers, so we regularly accompany our meals with creamy sauces or pasta with fatty cheese. Roasted vegetables (like cauliflower or radishes) are quick to prepare and have few ingredients, so we like to add something simple like that on busy weekdays.

It’s always easy to add protein to a salad or wrap it up in a low-carb tortilla. If you don’t have low carb tortillas available nearby or are gluten-free, you can make multiple batches of these Keto Zucchini Tortillas or use cheese, lettuce, or even deli meat wraps to roll up the wrap ingredients. Here is a great list of 25+ Low Carb Wrap Recipes if you are looking for simple ideas!

Chicken for meal prep

It’s incredibly easy to cook chicken in a slow cooker and then shred or dice it for other recipes. You can season it with a basic mix of salt, pepper, garlic powder, etc. or save the dressing for after cooking so each recipe can be different. Grilled chicken offers a lot of flavor too! This Blackened Grilled Chicken goes with just about anything and can be shredded, diced, sliced, whatever you need.

If you prefer to cook in the oven, you can try this rotisserie chicken recipe perfect for a delicious chicken that can be grated, sliced ​​or diced. If you are making chicken for salads or burritos and prefer a keto breaded chicken, try these crispy baked keto chicken tenders. They can also be frozen before or after cooking, so feel free to buy in bulk when you find chicken on sale!

Other Keto Chicken Recipes:

Chicken Recipes for Keto Meal Prep

Now that you’ve cooked your chicken, you can use it in all kinds of recipes! Here are some recipes that won’t make you feel like you’re eating the same thing every day:

  • soups:
  • Dishes / Pans / Casserole in a pan:
  • In a low carb tortilla:
  • In the salad:
  • Cheese filling:
  • Stuffed Vegetables
  • In a lettuce wrap:
  • Other:

Hot Pocket Thai Cheddar Broccoli Chicken Wraps

Looking for other low carb chicken recipes? Try this list of 25+ Easy Keto Chicken Recipes!

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