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Spritz Campari »Simple and Healthy Recipe! ✅

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A classic Campari Spritz is quick and easy to make with 3 ingredients and is pleasantly frothy and sweet and sour.

When it comes to spritz, Aperol always seems to get all the glory.

But they are Team Campari all the time. ♡

I much prefer its stronger bitter, less sweet and deliciously complex flavor in this popular sparkling cocktail. And when paired with a nice dry prosecco (or, sorry, Italy, we usually make ours with cava here in Spain), a splash of club soda, and a slice of fresh orange, this gorgeous ruby ​​red cocktail can be ready to go. . just a few minutes. It is always so refreshing and delicious!

Barclay and I always keep a few mini bottles of cava in the bar cart as we find they are the perfect size for two spritzes. But whether you’re making a single drink or an entire round for a gathering, this classic cocktail is always so quick and easy to make and such a winner in my book.

Let’s do a spritz!

Spritz Campari ingredients

Before we get to the full Campari spritz recipe below, here are a few notes on the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Campari: This bitter ruby ​​red Italian liqueur and the famous blend of aromas, herbs and fruits of all does it this cocktail
  • dry prosecco: This Italian sparkling wine can have variety in terms of price, sweetness, and carbonation. I recommend looking for a mid-priced bottle of dry prosecco ($10-20) that is ideally quite sparkling. Or as an alternative to non-traditional sparkling wine, a good Spanish Cava or French Champagne would also do the trick.
  • Soda water: We typically use Fever Tree or Schweppe club soda in our spritzes, but any other brand of soda or sparkling water (such as Topo Chico) that you like best will do.
  • Slice of orange: Spritzes are traditionally served with a slice of fresh orange, which looks great against the red cocktail. Sometimes I like to use the leftover orange to add an extra splash of juice to the cocktail as well.
  • Ice: I recommend medium to large ice cubes for this cocktail so it doesn’t melt too quickly.

Campari against Aperol

Curious how Campari compares to Aperol? Here are some quick facts about these famous Italian amaros (bitter liquors).

Campari was first created in 1860 and originally used crushed insects to dye the aperitif its distinctive vibrant red color. (They recently changed to an artificial color.) It is known worldwide for its “pleasant bitterness with a velvety aftertaste, with intense notes of orange, herbs and wood” and has a higher alcohol content than Aperol, ranging from 20.5% to 28%. APV depending on the country in which it is sold.

Aperol was later created in 1919, but it didn’t become popular until almost half a century later. It has a vivid orange-red color (even artificial) and is characterized by a much less bitter taste, “velvety and round, with persistent notes of orange and wood.” Aperol has less than half the alcohol of Campari, with an APV of 11%.

While most people tend to think of Aperol as sweeter, Campari and Aperol actually have the same sugar content. Campari is more concentrated and less fruity, so a Campari spritz will taste more bitter, stronger and less sweet than an Aperol spritz. In my opinion it is absolutely delicious.

How to make a Campari Spritz

The great thing about spritzes is that they are incredibly quick and easy to put together! Simply…

  1. Fill the glasses with ice.
  2. Match the Campari.
  3. Top with the prosecco and club soda.
  4. Add a slice of orange to decorate.
  5. Serve immediately still sparkling and cold!

Campari Spritz Glasses

Campari spritzes are traditionally served in large stemmed wine glasses with a straw, but feel free to use stemless wine glasses or any other cocktail glass you prefer. And if you choose to use a straw, go the reusable way (like these)!

Other Favorite Campari Cocktails

Here are some of my other favorite cocktails to wash down that bottle of Campari:

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A classic Campari Spritz is quick and easy to make with 3 ingredients and is pleasantly frothy and sweet and sour.

  1. Mix the drink. Pour the Campari into a glass filled with ice and stir briefly to blend. Top with the prosecco and sparkling water, then garnish with an orange slice.
  2. Serve. Serve immediately and enjoy your meal!

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